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Mac Graffiti

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On August 7th, some friends and I decided to check out the Lower Haight Art Walk.  After dinner and throwing back a few glasses of vino at Metro Cafe, we wandered the Lower Haight, where stores, galleries, restaurants and bars were teeming with people way past regular closing time.  We passed Fifty24SF as things were winding down and caught a lucky glimpse of Mac’s soon-to-be wrapped up show through the windows.  Just a few days before, I’d seen the cover of Juxtapoz #103, whose artwork was now gracing the back of the gallery.  Since we were in a rush and things were shutting down, we didn’t get a chance to take a closer look, but I got the treat of my life days later when I discovered a Mac portrait had miraculously appeared behind my building in the Mission.  This particular portrait (which is similar in style to the ones I saw briefly at Fifty24SF) reminds me a lot of a topographic map… it really is arresting each and every time I walk by.  I think I’m in love…



Juxtapoz Interview with Mac / Mac’s Blog

On Florida Street at 17th Street.